Weird Summer Trends

Hi Guys! If you've noticed , the major theme of the recent posts have been centered around Summer. After all it is Summer so why not talk about all the wonderful and in today's case the NOT so wonderful trends.

Below are some of the weirdest Trends for Summer 2014

Leather: Everybody and their grandma can be seen wearing Leather. But .. leather in Summer? Whyyyy? Quick solution/ tip . I would say it depends on where you are in the world. Maybe Summer for you is cold so you can get away with the leather trend or maybe like me .. Summer is Hott!!

The Leather Trend
In this case what you can do is wear faux leather or a material that looks like leather but is not. This way you can still be trendy but smart. We all know how leather attracts sweat.

Birkenstock: I personally hate these Sandals with a passion but that's just my opinion. They make your feet look broader than they actually are and if you are short they make you look even shorter. If you have no idea what Birkenstocks are .. think of a Sandal version of crocs. 

Birkenstock Sandals
My tip : Do not buy them  Look for the ones that have patterns and a little platform. If you like this trend, I've seen them in Collectibles in Mall Plaza in Half Way Tree Jamaica.

Thigh High Cut-outs: Don't get me wrong .. I love a good cut-out. What I don't love about this trend is that women are deciding to go without underwear. Ladies .. even Rihanna wore underwear in her see through Dress at the Fashion Awards.

Solution : Disposable Underwear .. they do exist .. above is a picture of Disposable Underwear . I actually bought a pack from Golden closet here in Jamaica. Ask for Carlene .. she will hook you up!

Make-Up Overload: It's refreshing to see how much make-up have sky-rocketed here in Jamaica. Everybody is a make-up artiste ( nothing wrong with that ) Ensure that you know how to apply the Make-up you are putting on so that it looks good.

The Free University a.k.a YouTube has so many beauty gurus that you can take tips from. Here in Jamaica we have Lyric, Paul March , Kimberly Patterson , and Sue- Ann Gregg and so much more.

Shredded Jeans: We all know about cut-out jeans but this new Jean Trend has your Jeans looking like it went through a shredder or a grater after-which you got attacked by a Dog.

Solution: Keep it light and neutral, keep the accessories minimal or none at all since there is so much going on with the Jeans.

What are some of the weirdest Trends you've seen this year?

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