Summers' Hottest Accessories

Summer is Here! Today is the first official day of Summer (excited awkward jump ) Accessories can make or break any outfit and can range from a dainty ring to a nice pair of shoes. Here are the top accessories for Summer.

Pastel Perfection: I feel like Pastel does not go out of Style and they simply make the colors lighter or add new colors. Whatever it is .. you need to grab something Pastel. If your budget does not allow you to go full on Pastel , add something as simple as a watch and work that into your Wardrobe and you are good to go!

Color Block Shoes: This crazy trend that emerged somewhere between 2012 and 2013 is back! Since color block shoes are 2 colors or more you want to keep your outfit as neutral as possible. Fashion is subjective and we are all allowed to wear what we want .. But! that is not an excuse to colour block from head to toe.

The "Tiny" Bag: "Honey they shrunk my bag!" This trend has been spotted on the pages of magazines like Elle and Glamour Magazine. This Summer less is definitely more ... The over-sized Tote is unfortunately not a staple item for this year. These bags are smaller than the average bag , but because of their bucket square shape, they are able to hold your essential items.

Wide Brimmed Hat: Thank you Pharell Williams ! The wide brimmed hat is no longer just a beach item. This can be used to dress up or dress down any outfit. This style of hat has a regal Chanel vibe and if you are a true Fashionista why not add a pair of fabulous gloves?

Wedge Sandals: I bet you're all thinking this is totally unexpected right? Well Wedges are versatile and they can be worn with anything. This means you can go from casual to "dressed up" in just a snap! Besides they are really cute and comfortable.

What Trends are you looking forward to Trying this Summer?



  1. Hi. I just came across your website. I like it. It is fun and informative. I am thinking about adding a touch of fashion to my blog Thanks for further inspiration. Keep up the good work.

  2. Hi Shellecia! I'm Glad you like my Blog ... I just checked out your Blog I really like the "Blogging from Anguilla " section ... Do go for the Fashion element ... keep up the good work yourself

  3. Thanks Rane for the encouragement. I will. My hubby is from Jamaica and we were just there in February. I did two posts about our trip there on the blog as well. Will keep you updated. Enjoy the rest of your weekend :).


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