Summer Shoe Trends

Hello Friends! Summer is upon us .. if you want to get technical the first official day of Summer starts June 21. With Summer comes hot "Summer Trends". Below are 5 shoe Trends that are hot this year.

Orange is the New Black: Not to be confused with the hit Netflix drama. Orange Shoes are all over the place! This hot bold colour is also a hot lip trend and requires a bit of confidence and a bit of subtlety.  You can either go full on bold and wear Orange from head to toe or simply make it "the statement piece" in your ensemble". Check out the STS Strappy Pumps from Designer Steve Madden.

Platform Sandal: I hate these .. but to each their own I guess. This reminds me of the Paula Shore Era , I could totally see him in something like this .. with socks. They have some how brought back the nineties in the form of these sandals. I have seen designs in Florals , Italics , Animal Print and so on.

Strappy "Cut-Out" Sandals: These are sexy yet functional. Ladies! Its time to give your feet some attention ( ensure your feet are in order "ain't nobody got time for jacked-up feet") As I was saying ladies. these type of Sandals speak for themselves, they come in a range of prices, designs and colours. If you really want to be a trend-setter choose one that is brightly colored like Chartreuse or Cobalt Blue.

Knee High Gladiator: These came out last year and are still going strong and have made it to Summer 2014. I've heard the guys saying it looks like the ladies are going to battle in these , but I'm thinking maybe they are wearing it wrong. First off , they have to fit your legs ... there are some that can be adjusted and some that cannot. Ladies , when you wear these ensure they are fitted .. not too tight and not too loose.

Double Ankle Strap: These are a hybrid between the Gladiator and the Platform Sandals. Again , I'm not too fond of these but I did see a few I actually liked. They are also like a "Sandal Boot" which makes them perfect for Summer.

Will you be subscribing to any of these Trends?

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