Single? Perfect

Singleness is not a death sentence. It can be an exciting trip or a lonely journey. The road you travel on depends heavily on your choices. The best choice is the fun and exciting road. Take these suggestions into consideration to avoid the lonely road. 

Single? Perfect! Use the Time to Explore Who you are

It’s my opinion that this is one of the first things to do while single. Once you know who you are, the difficulty level in knowing the kind of person you would want to date decreases. Identifying the characteristics and personalities that compliment you best is easier.

Be Confident and Brave in Your Singleness

Now that you know much about yourself and the type of partner you want; take action! Tap into your confidence and be brave and ask someone out. In particular females; stop waiting for him to ask you out, just go for it. 

Don’t Block Yourself in a Box

You might very well have a type, the cliche' “tall dark and handsome.” Free yourself from the box and be open to other options like a “tall fair and handsome.” Get the point?

Have Fun Being Single

Approach dates positively. Going on the date with negativity about the outcome, is setting up yourself for a negative outcome of the date experience. Once you have a positive attitude; you’ll be more fun to be around, giving you an advantage of being like able and even irresistible.

Take Dating Mistakes Note 

For example, have issues being on time, make greater efforts to be on time. This could very well be the dating pattern that is unproductive/ a turn off for the dater.

Singles…Please, Never Settle!

The dating scene can be rough. You have date so many people and still can’t find “the one.” Yes this can be very frustrating especially as you get older. BUT it’s better to stay single than settle for someone you are not sure about, because the biological clock is ticking or you’re just tired of being single. Such relationships tend not to last.

Take my advice and enjoy “Singledom”

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