Pool Party Essentials

"Pool Party , If a even the Beach mi Affi Reach" - Summertime, Vybz Kartel

Jamaica is an Island Paradise in the West Indies , with miles of beautiful white sand beaches and beautiful people. Summer time in Jamaica is party time, if your "Summer Body" is not in order, we'll pray its ready for next year. Almost every party in Jamaica at this time is Beached themed. If you can't make it to the beach , the next best thing is a Pool Party. Here are all the things you will need for a Pool Party.

1. Summer Body: For my international folks, the Summer Body is simply a more toned version of the body you have throughout the year. There are some people who are fortunate to have that body year round and some who might have to work for it. Pleaseeeee don't get me wrong, I'm not bashing anyone .. I believe it's all about confidence and how you dress your body at the end of the day.

2. Hot Swimsuit: This one is for my ladies ( I've been seeing you guys in those teeny tiny shorts ... that's a whole other post) You need a one of a kind swimsuit that will make you stand out at whatever party you attend. Singer Denyque just showcased her WETswim at CFW and you are sure to find something to suit you. Tip: Please shave or wax.

WETswim by Denyque
3. Sun Block: I feel that here in Jamaica we feel that Sunblock is only for "Farin People" who is lighter than us .... You are sooo wrong! You need to protect yourself from the Sun guys ... it gets really hot here.

4. A Cool Group of Friends: You need your A-Team to "build the vibes". Be sure to have that one sober friend in the group who will make sure you are not tripping over yourself , giving lap dances to guys you would never dance with in real life .. and most of all not drive yourself home while you are under the influence.

5. Cool Party Song/s: This is not a tangible item per say ... but you do need a few song/s to get the party started. Every year in Jamaica we have that one song that is known as "The Summer Anthem". It's that one song that every body knows that is played at all the parties.

Denyque - How to Rave

Check out a few past Summer Anthems:

Party Shot - Popcaan , Summertime - Vybz Kartel,  Ding Dong - Holiday

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