One Love Festival 2014

2014 One Love Jamaica Festival- Strengthening 50yrs of “One Love”

Tokyo, Japan – June 7, 2014 --- The 2014 One Love Jamaica Festival which had its’ beginnings in Yoyogi Park, Tokyo, eleven years ago, will return there for another year’s staging of the annual event. The two day festival will take place on June 21st and 22nd from 10:00 am until 8:00 pm. It will be the first of four One Love Jamaica Festivals which have been planned to amplify the celebrations surrounding the 50th Anniversary of Jamaica and Japan’s diplomatic relationship. The other festivals will be held over a four month period. The dates slated are: August 16th and 17th in Nagano; September 20th and 21st in Nagoya and November 22nd and 23rd in Okinawa.

In keeping with true Jamaican flair for electrifying performances, this year’s Festival’s stage show is being headlined by renowned roots reggae singer, Kiddus I and six time Jamaica Festival Song winner, Eric Donaldson, who captured the hearts of Jamaicans with the song “Cherry O’ Baby”. Also in the lineup is Japan-based, Jamaican singer, Monique Dehaney, who launched her debut album, Love Song Sweet J Ballads, earlier this year. Japanese reggae singers, Rankin Taxi and Puppa U-Gee; saxophonist Akira Tatsumi and a number of other Jamaican and Japanese reggae artistes will complete the list of performers.

The JCDC World Reggae Dance Championship (WRDC) semi-finals will again be hosted at the Festival with last year’s Japan semi-finals winners, Yellow Yellow and 2013 WRDC champions, Attack Dem Squad sharing the stage with Jamaican dancer Daddy Rich. The world renowned L'ACADCO Dance Company based in Jamaica will also be a part of the line-up. L’ACADCO founder Dr. L'Antoinette Stines is the founder of the first primarily Black Dance Group in Miami in 1978. L'ACADCO dancers contribute to the development in Jamaican and Caribbean dance through their participation in demonstrations and workshops for the educating of younger dancers. Persons will also have a culture village, Jamaica village, live painting and kitchen and market areas to look forward to and sample foods from Jamaica and other countries.

“We have also partnered with the Peace Boat this year and are currently on a drive to collect new and used musical instruments. These instruments will be donated to the Alpha Boys School in Jamaica, a residential child-care institution that has been using music over the years to redirect the lives of boys in Jamaica,” said Gregory Arnold,

President of the One Love Jamaica Festival Committee (OLJFC). “Jamaica has given the world reggae music and we want to ensure that music- which lies in the core spirit of Jamaicans, continues to be nurtured. We are encouraging persons to donate and they can be assured that their instruments will be used effectively.”

Ambassador of Jamaica to Japan, His Excellency Mr. C.P. Ricardo Allicock states that “The Embassy of Jamaica considers the year 2014 to be particularly auspicious as it marks the fiftieth anniversary of diplomatic relations between Jamaica and Japan.” Chairman of the OLJFC, Mr. Ryuichi Tsuruno also shares his opinion. He states that this year’s production is a very major one because “the One Love Jamaica Festival was born out of the cultural exchange activities which were used to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Japan and Jamaica’s diplomatic relationship in 2004 and it has remained a flagship cultural event. It is ‘the’ cultural event that is being used to commemorate this Golden Anniversary.”

“Most Japanese people know about Reggae music, Blue Mountain Coffee, and Usain Bolt. Very few know about its culture or where Jamaica is located. The One Love Jamaica Festival is the biggest opportunity for everyone to get in touch with all that is uniquely Jamaican. Persons should come to our festival and feel alright as we have added a lot more authenticity to this year’s production,” states Mr Tsuruno

Ambassador Ricardo Allicock hopes that “visitors and that all those who participate [in the Festival] will have an opportunity to experience the joyous, transformative power of reggae, the music Jamaica invented. All interested patrons of the One Love Jamaica Festival [should] visit the Embassy’s booth so that we might share some Jamaican warmth and hospitality.
With approximately 40,000 individuals coming out annually for the two day event at Yoyogi Park in Tokyo, it can be said that the One Love Jamaica Festival has become a staple in Tokyo. The high quality organization of the Festival by the One Love Festival Committee continues to satisfy patrons of the event, giving the Jamaican community in Japan, a reminder of home and the Japanese and other ethnic groups, a taste of Jamaica.


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