Mini "Me" Bags

Imagine NOT carrying your whole life and the kitchen sink around for this entire Season ...Go ahead , stop and Imagine. Wouldn't it be nice to have a smaller Bag that's functional yet stylish that fits what you need? There is the solution and its not the "Baguette".

The "mini" bag dates as far back as the 50's , the era of the voluminous "poodle skirt".  This bag is the ultimate solution to those oversize totes that can really weigh you down ... literally. These bags also attract unnecessary attention to you in these hard times where unscrupulous people think "the larger the bag , the more money you have.

Tips for wearing a Mini Bag

Look for ones that compliment your outfit: Since these bags are so small , they can easily be missed or get lost in your outfit. Look for ones with an interesting print like Zebra or Snake-skin ... just something that will make your outfit stand out.
Check out the Laurel Leopard Bag from Juicy Couture.

Bag Shape is Everything: These bags come in a number of shapes from circular to abstract/interesting shapes like Lips! Now, since the main purpose of a bag is to fit essential items, you will want to look for the ones that are square with a rectangular base.

 These are small but deep enough to hold your keys, a phone and even some make-up and other stuff too.

A Little Sparkle doesn't Hurt: A little sparkle never hurt anybody!  A gem embroidered bag can be used as a statement piece to pull a plain outfit together. Sparkles say " I'm sophisticated ... but I'm still ready to rock n' roll!

Believe it or not the Mini Bag trend is a way for women to put less pressure on their shoulders by carrying a lighter bag. Do you remember those days of school with the heavy bags that would literally tip you over , then by graduation one shoulder would be significantly lower than the other.

Will you be trying this trend?


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