It Starts With Me!

I’m not nosy but, I have overheard some pretty interesting conversations from singles who are actively seeking a partner. I was there; I had my list of criteria that I wanted my potential husband to meet. Somewhere along this journey a light bulb went off! “What do I bring to the table?”

It Starts With Me!

We are so caught up in adding to the “list of things we look for in a bf/gf,” that we forget that our potential mates have their own list too. I recommend you get your values, attitude and character in line with the list you look for in a potential mate. Chances are there is someone out there with a similar list, look for you!

Learn to Enjoy Your Own Company

I learnt this valuable lesson from a girlfriend who enjoys her own company. If she wants to go rock climbing, she makes the necessary arrangements and go. No need to call up a friend to accompany her. She can be bad all by herself. This is a part of character building, learning to make yourself happy. Once you master this, you lessen desperation for a partner. Ultimately giving you a clearer head to choose a partner wisely, not jumping into something too quickly because you are desperate.

You don’t Need a Partner to Complete You

I am not a fan of referring to your partner as “your other half,” or making statements such as “you complete me.” You are complete on your own! If you take this concept of being incomplete without a partner; in your singleness you will be lonely, desperate, feeling empty, thinking your life is lacking something gravely important. Once you realize there is no truth to this, watch how your confidence blossoms. You’ll walk around chest high and a noticeable pep in your step.  Should I state how much more attractive you’ll be with a boost in confidence?

Once you come to terms that a healthy relationship starts with me; and start working on you first, your whole outlook on dating will change for the better. You’ll enjoy your singleness more, and if you’re in a relationship, when you start working on you, your relationship will improve.

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