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Nowadays, when most people think of downsizing they think about getting rid of a few pairs of shoes or moving into a house with one less bedroom. Well what do you do if you consciously decide to live in a home no bigger than a broom closet...Let’s find out,

The inspiration behind this post is kind of like an art imitating life sort of thing. For my final semester I’m thinking of living on the campus of my university in a hall of residence/ dorm. Typical university dorm rooms are the size of well a bathroom in the real world and to help myself cope I started to research ways in which people living in small spaces still find a way to decorate and utilize their space in a HAUTE and EFFICIENT way .

I stumbled across this amazing documentary WE THE TINY HOUSE PEOPLE and fell in love with a “Manhattan Midtown Mansion” designed and owned by architect Luke Clark Tyler that measured a measly 78 sq. feet: smaller than a standard one car garage.

He was able to create a space that was comfy, livable and stylish and I thought I would share some of the tips and tricks I learned from his story

1. Trick the eye- Once you open the door of this home the first thing you see is all the light coming in through the window. Instead of focusing on the size of the room your eyes are taken outside

2. Use Multi Functional Furniture- Luke built a sitting area that folds down into a murphy-style bed and he houses his mini-fridge under his desk/dining table

3. Use a suitable colour palette- Here we see basic blacks, whites and wood tones used in a simple way to give contrast and add depth

4. Live near what you like- It’s much easier to live in a smaller space if you are nearer to activities such as work, school and recreation. Luke’s Manhattan pad is in the center of all the action

5. Storage!!!-  Even a clutch can have compartments always remember that thoughtful storage can make a world of difference. Think shelves, boxes, crates: The most unlikely solutions can be the most necessary

6. Enjoy your space no matter what - A lot of people are criticized for living in smaller accommodations but if it fits your needs there's no reason can’t be Haute

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