Haute Imperfections

On a daily basis we are told in Fashion and Beauty that something needs to be “perfect” or “flawless” to be viewed as worthwhile. That trend is changing slowly but surely with the introduction of petite and plus size models for example that defy the industry standard of beauty.

On this note there are some in the Fashion and Modelling industry who have been able to make a successful career by using their imperfections to their advantage.

Models nowadays set the standard of beauty for the rest of us but the truth is that there is no cookie cutter way to be beautiful. These “imperfect” models give the rest of us hope and their beauty is the focus of today’s haute feature

Sean Ross

As a child Sean Ross was teased for having albinism a condition that for some is a life-long struggle. Sean however has decided not to play the victim card but instead he has been able to channel his unique looks into a legitimate fashion career. Sean has walked for major designers in London, New York and Paris and his unique look to this day is the source of his notoriety and the key to his bank. Sean has also been a guest on the Tyra Banks show and has been able to show the world that having imperfections can be your golden ticket. Sean was also featured in Katy Perry’s music video for ET.

Sean is Haute both on the runway and in front of the camera

Winnie Harlow

Chantelle Winnie, more popularly known to her thousands of instagram followers as @winnieharlow has taken the fashion industry by storm and her most prominent imperfection makes her stand out as the most unique. Chantelle has vitiligo, a condition that similar to albinism affect pigmentation and the presence of melanin on the skin. but that hasn't stopped her from securing a spot on the latest season of America’s Next Top Model. chantelle is the only Canadian in the running and is the first model with vitiligo to compete in top model history. As a spokesperson for vitiligo she puts a face to a condition that most struggle with in silence and  acts as example of beauty in the face of adversity.

Remember hauties beauty comes in all shapes colors and sized.

Always be true….. be you

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