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Hey guys today I want to look into a topic that has been getting more and more popular each and every day. I am talking about the vegetarian/vegan lifestyle and eating more “live” foods as opposed to the sugary chemical-filled and overly processed foods that can easily seep their way into your diet. Many people over the years have attributed good health to eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables but recently there has been a surge in the amount of support the movement is getting.

In Jamaica most people associate this vegan/vegetarian lifestyle to only Rastafarians who for the most part try to maintain a diet free from animal products, additives and chemicals like salt and sugar. However, in recent months I've come to discover that there are signs in Jamaica and the rest of the world that more and more people are opting for this more natural diet

I myself have been vegetarian for the last year and a half and have noticed some promising signs of improvement in my body namely; clearer skin, lower and stable body-weight and the absence of Fatigue.


Health Food Stores, Vegan/Vegetarian Restaurants and Natural Body Care

With more persons flocking to this type of diet there has been an increase in the amount of retail outlets and stores that stock products for those seeking natural options. My favorite among these include Mihungry Whol’-Some-Food Restaurant, New-Leaf Vegetarian and the Jamaican Mangoand Lime Brand. An entire industry has been able to develop and grow from  the demand for natural foods and products.

Celebrity Following

Many world renowned singers, actors, activists and personalities have at some point or another made the change to natural food changing up their diet seeking the added health benefits including: Tia Mowry, Beyonce and Bill Clinton. Many of our very own Jamaican Rastafarian performers have participated in this wholesome lifestyle including Damian “Jr Gong” Marley and Etana to name a few.

Beyonce and Jay-z in early 2014                      Tia Mowry has been vegetarian
Decided to go vegan until Christmas for              since being diagnosed with
a spiritual and physical cleanse                          endometriosis and has been able to
                                                                            start a family and lend her celebrity to
                                                                            organizations like PETA

Benefits of a Diet Rich in Vegetables and Fruits (As listed on Vegetariantimes.com)
1. It aids in warding off disease
2. You'll spare animals
3. You'll avoid toxic chemicals
4. You’re skin and hair will thank you

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