Going Green: Is Green Hair a Thing?

Hi Guys! Happy Monday :-) Today we'll be looking at a trend started by Hollywood Fashionistas and is spreading like wild fire.Gone are the days of brown/blonde Ombre' Hair ... Hello Bright Bold Pastel Hair!

If you are an avid Social Media user or just one who follows the Trends, you would have noticed Kylie Jenners' new hair cut and colour . It's Green! Like Brocolli Green.

What's the "Hooplah" about?

Well , there is just something really different about Green Hair. It's not one of those colours any girl is born with ( naturally) unless you are a martian so it really makes you stand out. Believe it or not , this trend emerged in 2012 when celebrities like Willow Smith and Pharell Williams decided to go green.

How do I go Green?

There are several ways you can be a part of this trend.

1. Go to the Salon , sit for several hours and have a professional hairstylist help you to transition from your regular hair to green hair.

2. Purchase "Dip Dye" Hair extensions. You can actually get hair extensions that come with green tips kinda similar to the ombre effect where it happens gradually. Or you can even buy a wig.

3. Do it yourself! If you are new at this, I would recommend getting a friend you trust to assist you with the process.

4.  By using Hair- Chalk : If you are not looking for a permanent colour , hair chalk is a great option for you. This is also great because it can easily be washed out if you don't like it.

Is this a trend you would try? Let me know below

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