From a Woman’s Perspective: To Our Men

To make your woman feel like a queen doesn't mean an overnight shopping spree to Paris or an Audi in her drive way. Well let me correct myself, for the materialistic high maintenance women this is what she requires to feel special and loved. For the low maintenance woman, here are three (3) simple things you can do to make her the feel like Queen in your life.

Quality Time

The trip to Paris would be much more fun if she went with you, or drove around in the Audi with you as the driver.  She feels special when you have time for her, not too busy to listen to her rant about her co-worker that just doesn't stop talking. If she has to fight too hard for this quality time, it means the fight is one sided and only she recognizes that this time is needed for growth in the relationship. Spend quality time together for example; to talk about anything, the more that’s revealed in a relationship the closer you get as a couple.

Compliment Her

We put effort in putting ourselves together; while we should do this for us, we also do it for you. Sometimes we even go the extra mile and make sure our hair is done how you like it, or wear that perfume you love so much. Compliment her; let her know she looks beautiful! Don’t let her get those compliments only from others, while she waits wondering when it will come from you. A compliment tells her you are paying attention, that her efforts are not wasted; it might even say you’re proud that she is yours.

Be a part of Her Life

This means knowing her aspirations and don’t be a bystander, play a role in letting her accomplish them. If she has a hobby, you don’t have to get involved in it with her, if for example you have children, take them and allow her some free time to participate in her hobby. If she is a BloggerJ, read every one of her posts and give feedback and even make suggestions for her next post. There is even the option of making goals together and accomplish them as a couple.

Doing these three simple things makes your woman feel like the queen in your life. She will also feel secure in the relationship, because you are investing time, paying attention to her and have plans to be a part of her future since you are involved in her life.


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