5 Fathers Day Gifts to give this Year! 4.0 Version!

Fathers Day is just around the corner ..whether you are an old dad , expecting dad or new dad , some recognition should be given. After-all , without you there could be no offspring ( even if it was "Turkey-Based") Here are 5 things to give for Fathers Day.

A Razor/Trimmer: Ladies you can never go wrong with this! The only tricky issue you will have is what brand to get. I say stick to the brand/s you know and trust like Gillette and Schick. If you really want to get fancy Phillips not too long ago launched a futuristic Trimmer that has 17 pre-programmed feature. If your guy is a techie he will love it. Find it Here 

Gym Membership: This is not a tangible gift, but it has long term effects. You can't put a price on a healthy life right? Besides , Summer is right around the corner so everybody wins!

A Spa Day: I know what you are thinking ... but let me explain. Guys are more in touch with themselves and their manliness today and would actually looooove this (especially if they are the only bread-winner) and would love to be pampered. Who wouldn't love a day away from the home to just truly relax?

A Luxury Gift Set : I'm not talking about the kus kus set you can buy on the road for "gran" I'm talking about one of those hard to pronounce "Pour Homme" scents.

A Nice Watch: This is a bit of a cliche' gift , but most guys are not into accessories like us females .. I said most guys. A watch is a nice yet functional accessory to give on Fathers Day. I think a watch encompasses everything a man should be: punctual , classy , hardworking and well put together.

 Would love to hear from some of the "daddies" out there about some of their best & worst Fathers day gifts they ever received.

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