What I learned at University

University! Those wonderful extra years you spend in school learning ... again just so you can matriculate into the world and be in Jamaica's 10% of the "educated". Is it still 10% after all these years? Anyway, I was a U.W.I Girl ( University of The West Indies) Where I was in the Faculty of Humanities and Education with a major in Language Communication and Society:-) That Degree was a beast! If you hate reading , writing and researching ... it's not for you. It was a mixture of Linguistics, Journalism, Language, Communications, Event Planning .. just a lot of stuff .. where we were always drawing trees:-) Here is what I learned from my time at University.

I knew Nothing ... at all: If you really think about it .. you are not really taught anything valuable in High School other than Pythagoras Theorem and Algebra! When you go to University you become an adult and have to think as such. Things will come up like time and money management and this is where you realize that maybe spending time at Sovereign rather than in class may not be the brightest idea or spending your lunch money on an outfit instead of buying lunch leaves you hungry. Yes dears .. University has a way of making you realize you know absolutely nothing.

How to Bargain/Negotiate: This is a skill I learned in final year when those grades really started to count . I 'm never one to beg a teacher/lecturer to change a grade because I always get the ones I deserve. I'm talking about as it relates to extra time for writing those essays. This new skill will carry over into your grown up life and you will be bargaining/negotiating at Restaurants, Stores, Tickets and so much more.

How To Get Ready in 5 Minutes: I did not live on Campus but most of my classes were at 8 a.m and while I live in Kingston, I still lived a good distance away. I had to master the art of taking a shower , getting dressed , putting on make-up and eating Breakfast all in 5 minutes. If you think about "The 5 minute make-up" was invented by us college kids.

Social Skills: U.W.I is huge ... we are our own little community. Because of that you are basically forced to meet new people because in the long run you will need them .. trust me on that. U.W.I has this silly thing where they think its a wonderful idea to have group work and place people from different Faculties in groups .. so again .. you have to talk to people. This has helped me today to not be shy when I go to events because I kinda have to talk to people

What are things you learned at University/College that carried over into your life today?

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  1. LOL LOL I learnt how to... how do I put this? "get people to do what I want/need without giving up the goods" through the art of persuasion and negotiation skills.

    1. Sooo True Shanna .. persuasion is indeed an art :-)


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