Style Week Jamaica Etiquette

Happy Friday! May has been officially dubbed as "Fashion Month". There are so many great events taking place throughout this month. One of those events is Style Week! I guess you could say Style Week is our little version of "New York" Fashion week.  This event is put on by Saint International Jamaica Limited located here is Jamaica and runs from May 21 - 25, 2014. This agency is synonymous with names like Shena Moulton and Korey Rowe. Whether you are a V.I.P guest or first time guest at the show/s. There are certain things you need to know.

DO Dress Fashionably and APPROPRIATELY : Ladies and Gents! Since this is a Fashion show, it is important that you have a certain look in mind and execute it as best as you can. Fashion is about taking bold steps in expressing your personality by the clothing you wear. Please also ensure that the outfit you select is appropriate for the specific show you attend. Ensure that whatever you wear you are comfortable.

DO try to arrive on time: Believe it or not .. Designers hate when their guests arrive fashionably late. Sure I'm not a Designer, but can you imagine spending money and time putting together an entire collection then people just show up any old time they feel  ( what a long sentence ) Anyway, If the show starts at 8:00 .. 8:15 is a good time to arrive. That way you are not too late but not desperately early.

DO sit in seats assigned: In most cases seats are assigned: if you notice each ticket has a different price which is an indicator of where you will sit. Note: The first 3 rows of seats are for V.I.P guests such as: Editors, Media Personalities, Celebrities .. just all the movers and shakers of the industry .

DO NOT hoot and howl or whistle! There is a time and place for that .. but it's not at a Fashion Show.

DO NOT be that person who gets up in front of everybody else because you are filming or taking pictures
 ( and you are not a professional photographer or videographer)

For Ticket Info: Saint International Limited

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