Style Week 2014 Highlights

Hi Guys! I'm not gonna give a long intro like I usually do sooo let's jump into it shall we. Style Week was the event on every Fashion Enthusiast, Blogger, Model , Socialite and everybody else. This event commenced on May 22-25,2104 with the opening event at the Mercedez Benz Show-Space. Based on all the pictures on Social Media it looked absolutely auh mazing. Fast Forward to Sunday night at Fashion Block and that was where the streets came to life ... literally. For my international readers , Fashion Block is the closing event for Style Week , where they "Block" one of the busiest streets in New Kingston Jamaica. Since I was in the crowd and got a good vibe from the people in the streets here is my "In the Streets Review"

Time: The show was slated to start at 8:30 p.m ( according to the Flyer/Schedule) and it started 9:30 p.m
 ( Jamaican Time ) The people in the streets were starting to get restless, if it was not for the antics of the charismatic host, The Vibes Master Jerry D, I'me sure it would have turned into an angry mob. After such a loooong Labour Day weekend with work and school the next day, it would have been nice for the event to start on time. Sure it's not for everyone , but it was a more public event so starting on time could be taken into consideration.

The Models: The show featured top models like Shena Moulton and Mr G.Q Korey Rowe ( fresh from the pages of G.Q)  I don't know what happened last night , maybe it was a case of nerves or a bumpy runway, but there was major "trippage". There were lots of gasps, face-palms among other popular Jamaican expletives from my "In the Street Crowd".

The Show: The shows's production was great overall... I must commend the organizers for incorporating the Mercedez Benz vehicles into the show while engaging the crowd. Quite often, when a Car sponsor is involved , you tend to just see the car there just randomly parked. It was great that there were so many young aspiring designers in this year's line-up, some who are even still in University. We are filled with so many talented up and coming young designers who often gets passed over by more established designers. The performers of the night were I-Octane and T.O.K which both gave stellar performances.

If you went to any/all of the events , please share your thoughts and pictures!

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