How To Turn your Passion Into A Career

Hi Guys! The month of May will be more of a self help/ free style type posts. After all , one can only write about so much Clothing and Lipsticks :-) I find people sending E-mails asking me about various things about where to get this or that , how do they start a blog? how to stay inspired and all that .. so I thought I'd do some posts to help people. Let me preface by saying " I'm not perfect nor do i have the perfect life". I'm just a twenty something girl trying to figure out life and find my purpose as I go along.

Do what you love: What is that one thing that you think about all the time? When you wake-up in the morning, at night time or constantly day-dream? That is your passion. It could be Photography or  even Recycling. For me it has always been writing and fashion. I've always loved reading and looking at magazines. After moving from one job that was Digital Slavery and another one that I knew nothing about and had no interest in , I decided to go out on a limb and work from home Blogging.  ** There will be a full "My Blogging Story Post ** sometime soon ... this is just an example of how I found my passion.

Be Knowledgeable:  Having the passion is not enough ... you have to know enough about what you are about to get into. This is where you will have to do research and test the market ... you might even have to do a course on the specific thing you are passionate about. Example : Many people think that Marketing is a flashy job that involves you partying all the time and getting invited to elite events , that is a part of it. However! It involves reading and problem solving skills ... If you are not a person who likes to read and not a quick thinker this is not the job for you.

Work Smart not Hard: I'm just now starting to understand this. Many young people like myself  throw themselves into their career and completely forget about actually living. If your passion involves you working on a team where there are others working towards the same goal ... take the load off yourself and give them some responsibility. This is not to say you will be using people .. but you will get more work done and have time for other important things in life.

Don't Quit Right Away ( Unless you are already wealthy ) In this case you are probably already set for life :-) Follow all the steps above and be sure that you have enough to pay your bills for at least 3 years plus incidentals .... Its a lot to think about. Don't magically shift your career overnight. It is important to set a plan and stick to it.

Be Professional: I'm sure your idea is nothing new under the Sun ... you might have discovered a new and creative way of doing an existing idea. People are skeptic when it comes to new companies. Focus on giving great Customer Service so people will want to come back to you and refer clients .

I know this post was loooong but as I mentioned this is to help whoever it is out there on whatever journey. If you have any tips , please share below

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