Haute or Not? Socks and Slippers/Sandals

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Today I wanted to look at a trend that in the past few months has been reinvented and elevated. Fashionistas and Haute People alike are not sure what to make of this but have no fear it won’t bite if you do it right. Of course I am talking about the socks with sandals look more commonly termed here in Jamaica as “slippas and socks”

This trend has graced the spring runway of many high profile designers such as Hermes, Alberta Ferretti, Burberry and the like from as early as spring 2010. But in Jamaica will this former faux pax ever be accepted on the High street? The transition would be difficult for the fashionable among us to accept and that’s a fact.

When most Jamaicans even think of this combo I’m sure they picture it at home; around the house or as an alternative only to be used after a long day of football kicking or stiletto and stocking wearing: to be done in the shadows where civilized society cannot see their feet. However, celebrities and designers nowadays have shown us that it is possible in daily life to attack the look head on and that its not impossible to “Make it Work”.

Recently Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen  stepped out with this look at the airport and while most have crucified them for their pairing  it shows that the sock/sandal combo can be comfortable and although it’s a daring approach it opens the door to other possibilities.


Here are some  ideas for rocking this look suggested on  Instyle.com. These options might be a little easier to digest and execute

The main idea here is to pair socks and sandals whether low or stilettos  that complement each other without one overpowering the other.

The trend is surprising but manageable as long as you keep it Haute and put your best foot forward and who knows Caribbean Fashion Week is right around the corner and this look may be coming to a runway near you.

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