Cuticle Tattoo

Hi Guys! I know that title sound painful, but hang on I'll tell you all about this new trend in just a bit. I hope you've been keeping up with the inspirational posts and have been applying some of the tips to your own lives. If you love a cool ..eclectic type of Manicure , you will love this trend.

What It is

A Cuticle Tattoo is basically a faux /"fake"  Tattoo for the cuticle. This can be done by either using a Marker , Pen or Stickers with various shapes on the Cuticle. This is great because it hides that skin right above the Cuticle as your Manicure starts to look unsightly. These are great because they make a statement and it gives a tattoo effect without going under the needle.

How To

As mentioned above you can opt for the D-I-Y Method which is cheaper and more fun as you get to create any design you want or you can purchase stickers. These Stickers are: Paraben free, Sulfate free and Phthalates Free. They transfer easily and wash away easily. The stickers are available from the Ciate' Brand of Nail Products at Sephora.

Are you bold enough to try this trend?

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  1. nashae morris5:09 PM

    oh. I thought it was the real tatt


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