Carnival Review

If you live in the Caribbean or of Caribbean decent you would have known that the Spring season is all about Carnival. Carnival for us here in Jamaica and the Caribbean is nothing like it is in the States with Ferris Wheels and Hot Dogs .. no my friend Carnival is a celebration of the flesh.... essentially. It is the time for women to display their bodies in scantily clad costumes , boots , make-up and of course feathers. This year I noticed that most of Jamaica was not in support of Carnival since most people have some how found religion and realized its right after the Crucifixion.

What's my Take?

Well , we are all entitled to our own opinions ... its not really for me. I would be really uncomfortable dancing half naked in the streets and exposing parts of my body reserved for my future husband In that same breath I also say " to each his own". If you are comfortable go right ahead. There was one picture on Facebook and various groups with a obviously Pregnant woman who looked at least 6 months at Carnival dancing in the street. Did anybody see this?  Did you think this was a suitable environment for a Pregnant lady?

Carnival Vs Dancehall

Another thing I notice was that a lot of people were furious because they felt that Carnival is for a certain class of people (upper) while Dancehall Culture is for another class (lower) Here is where it gets messy .. while the Dancehall Culture is described as 'crude , brash and even dutty ... Carnival which conveys the same thing is celebrated because of the type of people who attend and because of the glittery costumes. Most people feel they are one in the same.

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