3 Jamaican Trends that need to Stop

Hello people! I don't usually do posts on a Saturday but this is a special case. Now ... I've been noticing a few trends here in Jamaica that I feel must stop now! This will be kind of a rant and it's all in good fun not to offend anybody

1. Wearing Flexi-Rods ... in Public: I don't know why certain people must make things "gheddo" . Every time I'm on the road and I mean Public places like Half Way Tree .. there goes a girl in Flexi Rods going about their merry way proudly. I'm all for "to each their own", but ladies must have class to a certain degree. Flexi Rods are used to curl hair ( in your home or the Salon) why must you wear it out on the streets?

2. Making eating out an "event": I don't know about anybody else .. but! I eat out because I'm hungry and too lazy or tired to cook.  Tell me why ...when people go out to restaurants there must be Instagram photos or Foursquare check-ins with captions like "addicted really". One popular example is Tutti Frutti , Frozen Yogurt does the body gooood .. but it's just Yogurt.

3. Matte Paint-Jobs : I'm not even sure if that's the right name .. but I hope you know what i'm talking about. It's a paint job that's not shiny it looks more matte. Again to each their own but guys .. seriously why would you spend all that money to "matte" a Datsun?

These are the top 3 Trends in Jamaica that I feel needs to stop. As I said initially, this is all in good fun and not intended to offend anybody.

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  1. Nashae Morris1:11 PM

    I totally agree.

  2. ooh the flexi rods in public its like people are stepping on my nerves because here in Mobay they match the color of their flexi rods with their outfits and I just know they wont be stopped until an even worse trend comes along...i do like matte paint jobs though they're like matte nail polishes they are cute

  3. lol i thought it was just here in Kingston ... and you are so right It won't stop until another trend comes in .. im hoping sooner than later

  4. LOL girly, u were in my head!! I hate seeing the flexi rods so much in public I don't even bother to wear them in the privacy of my own home. The eating thing now, pics fi run especially if is a special occasion (anniversary dinner). Not fond of the "oh i'm at so and so chilling with the girls" lol eat your food and spend the moments with your friends. Don't get me started on the MATTE paint! when I see them Mr. Miyagi (karate kid) comes to mind, "wax on, wax off" it needs a good shine, the paint job is not yet finished man! lol love this one.

  5. ha its called plasti-dip, but funny.

    1. Thank You .. I knew the word just couldn't remember it ...lol


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