The Deiwght Peters Show Airs in May!

The Deiwght Peters Show Kickstarts GDP Studios

Anchored by the global success of his much vaunted model agency, Saint International’s CEO Deiwght Peters is setting his eyes on new frontier. He will be front and center of his new eponymous prime time TV show ‘The Deiwght Peters Show. Premiering on TVJ next month, the pop variety series will be a different take on night-time television in Jamaica. The show marks the genesis of Peters’ international television content production outfit called GDP Studios. Viewers can expect to see the usually fashionable Peters styled to the nines in the trendiest suits. ‘Guests to the Deiwght Peters show can expect to have a fun time when they come to the show,’ the Executive Producer and host notes to the Gleaner team.
‘We want viewers across the world to be entertained by intelligent Jamaican humor and fun’ he also notes. Indeed from the pilot, the set deserves much kudos.

A key element  of the show which is bound to be a ‘must-see’ will be the Stylin 876 which includes a style review segment with Peters’ group of fashion insiders known as the DP Rad Pack .They will review the social landscape across the world  compile the dreaded list of best and worst dressed. High Profiled national personalities, vibe mistress Tricia S, and live entertainment augmented by all the surprises and give-aways make for a compelling mix for night-time TV.
Angela Thame
Peters engaged the services of top-flight television producers Angela Thame and Sonya Stewart-Perkins of Panache Entertainment. Thames’ resume notably highlights The Oprah Winfrey Show and the once-popular Our Voices (co-hosted by current Minister of Culture Lisa Hanna) among her experience. The technical production infrastructure is designed by partners CPTC in collaboration with Kelvin Osbourne’s Clear Sounds. The cast of production staff include Creative Design Director Omarr Fogo and writer/researcher Michael Edwards. Editing is handled by Robin Chin and the team at Enhanced Realizm.‘I am proud that this will be a world class product created, and packaged by an entirely Jamaican crew’ Peters beams.

The exclusive show brief secured by the Gleaner outlined The Deiwght Peters Show as a surefire winner because its:
  • UNIQUE TV FORMAT/AUTHENTICALLY JAMAICAN: The multidimensional set, content, multi-platform approach, the show elements including Stylin ‘876-multiple guests in the same screen time, etc. make the show different. The opening montage showcases Kingston nightlife from the streets etc.
  • BOLDNESS: Deiwght provides insights, and asks questions others are scared to do
  • TRENDSETTING: The show’s live audience format, the RAD PACK panel assessing trends and the ‘hotstepper of the week’ award spells different on local TV.
  • CUTTING EDGE: The SKYPE ’N SURPRISE feature where some of Jamaica’s coolest companies being skyped onto the set and offer surprises to the audience
  • HILARIOUS: The hosts infectiously dry wit, and his impromptu on-set antics with guests playing WORD ASSOCIATION or MY FAVOURITE THINGS adds wild humor to show.
 The show will air on Fridays at 9p.m with a repeat on Tuesdays at 11p.m. In the words of Peters characteristically bold declaration, ‘ Night-time Jamaican TV will never be the same again’.

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