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 I&K Hair extension Care Pack

About a week ago i received the I&K Hair Extension Care Pack. This bundle as I like to call it retails for 27.96 Originally , however you can now get it at a special rate of  £19.99  .This Care pack consists of : I&K Moisturizing Shampoo , I&K Moisturizing Conditioner , I&K Leave-in Antistatic Spray and Hair extension Loop Brush. These products can be found in the Hair Extensions sections on the website under Hair Extension Care.  I like the fact that has a section dedicated to Hair Extension Care as finding the right products to maintain the life of your extensions can be tricky and pricey. 

How it Works

I&K Moisturizing Shampoo

I was a bit hesitant using the Shampoo on the extensions since most Shampoos contain alcohol which dries out the hair leaving it dull , lifeless and tangled. I must say I was pleasantly surprised when I : a) realized the shampoo was clear b) It did not contain alcohol and c) When it left my hair feeling soft. I think there is something about a clear Shampoo which makes it more authentic as it contains less artificial ingredients and its less harmful on your hair. The Shampoo had a nice clean fresh scent which was not too overbearing. The only thing I did not like was that it took a few washes for it to lather ( maybe my hair was extra dirty) but I like when a Shampoo "comes to life" the minute it touches my hair and 

I&K Moisturizing Conditioner

The conditioner did not smell as pleasant as the Shampoo , the scent reminds me of Sulphur ( that product used for Dandruff) I was really expecting it to have a similar smell as the Shampoo.  Once you move past the scent , it is a great product its super moisturizing and nourishing. It is recommended that you use it after Shampooing and for best results leave it in for 5-10 minutes with a steam/heat cap. I only used the after Shampoo method and I saw where it complimented the Shampoo really well , the hair was soft , the general texture of the hair was silky but after conditioning , it was soft like real hair growing from my actual head. I like that the texture is medium: not too creamy and not too runny.

Anti-static Spray first product to the right

The Anti-static Spray is recommended to use after conditioning hair. This is a process and it is recommended that you use each product accordingly for best results. I cheated a bit and used this product the day I received it since my hair was frizzy and had tons of fly aways. In essense it calms the hair down. I find that it workd best on damp or towel dried hair and! It's a leave in so there is no need to rinse. This smells soooo good. This is like the Shampoo in a spray form.

Hair Extension Micro-loop Brush

As it relates to the brush , I have never seen or used anything like it. Since its a loop brush , the bristles are together instead of straight out. It just looked like it would never work because of how the Bristles are placed. This type of brush is great for tangling wet hair and it did just that. I would recommend using it on wet hair 

Overall I would recommend this Care Pack to maintain and extend the life of your Hair Extension. I would give this product 4 1/2 out 5.

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