Life After the Catwalk

Hi Guys! Today is the start of the series, "Life After the Catwalk" which features the contestants from past seasons of "Mission Catwalk" . Haute People has caught up with 4 of these contestants and would like to share what they have been up to after the show.

Today we'll be catching up with the Season 3 contestant from Saint Johns Antigua and Barbuda,Argent Roberts

H.P:What was it like being a part of the Saint Avant Garde Fashion show?
A.R: Its always a good time to be working with the Saint family. This being my second year I must say was no different from last year it always is a great production... the team... the family... its just a great experience.
Argent Roberts Backstage Saint Avante Garde

H.P: In what ways have you grown as a Designer since the show?
A.R: I've competed in many different shows/competitions before. However the Saint Avant Garde competition has definitely pushed and opened my mind to other possibilities.... I'm an avant garde designer, this comes naturally to me so whenever it is I have to showcase a piece for the Saint show I know I have to come hard and come strong and I think any designer would think that.. because of the level of seriousness and professionalism involved, one would not want to mess that opportunity up. After all we're showcasing our designs to the top representatives of the world. Who knows what opportunities would come out of doing just that. So I have developed another level and sense of awareness, organization and design aesthetic .

H.P: What do people remember you for?
A.R:  Lol what do people remember me for..... lol... I think everyone has grown to recognize that I have a flair for the dramatics and ethereal nature.. things that are deep and poetic very serious and different... even in my wearable designs, there is that signature flair for the dramatic to catch your eyes...

H.P: How would you describe your Style?
A.R:  My design aesthetic comes from a personal space .... I mainly design based on how I feel.... everything has this surrealistic look about... its very animated and otherworldly.... ethereal I must say.. but easy one would identify my work as couture or avant garde ... lol back home they refer to me as the avant garde prince.... that's so weird to me though. But I am humbled by it.... its better than any award any day to have people come up to me and congratulate me on what I'M doing... that also aids them in being themselves and as expressive as we can be.

H.P: Tell us about your latest collection?
A.R: I actually have three collections in development and these are all for men. The collection is called "Skeleton boi" an everyday wear line. 2 T-shirt lines as well as a jacket line with some intricate pants. one I have already completed and showed.
There's also my women's wear line from last year titled as "The Reuz"

H.P: You have a flair for the dramatic .. is your latest collection a reflection of that?
A.R:Both the female and male collections are actually a bit more relaxed and a lot more wearable in comparison to what I'm accustomed to be doing... but everyone will still identify key signatures in the clothing lines.... for instance the pieces are adorned in intricate places with buttons and zippers in contrasting colours or sizes .... an intriguing detail that has become a signature look for The Reuz and for Skeleton boi.

H.P: What can your supporters expect to see in coming months?
A.R: In the upcoming months persons can expect to see the continuity of my releases for the men's wear line... so far I've showcased the everyday wear line the first part of the collection and coming soon will be the T-shirt line in 2 parts the 1st of which is a collaboration with a rapper (purist) called Ratchet boy and then I'll unveil the T's  for Skele

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