Behind the Seams: Mamayashi

Mamayashi is the brain child of Jamaican born "New York" bred designer Mamayashi. The designs are inspired by funky Afrocentric Fabrics, figures and  ideals and features: Clothing and Accessories for the hip Fashion lover. Today Haute People goes Behind the Seams with the multi-talented Designer.

H.P: Mamayashi , that's an interesting name ... How did you come up with it?
M.Y: Greetings! First let me say I'm honored for the interest in Mamayashi Collection. Mamayashi is actually two words, Mama and Yashi. Yashi is part of my name and it reflects the original vibe I wanted to bring forth through clothing.

H.P:  How Long have you been a Designer?
M.Y: I have always been making clothes by the virtue of being a tailor's daughter and spending hours in his shop. I have been designing professionally for about 9 years now.

H.P: You are a Designer and a mother ... any tips for " Career Mothers"?
M.Y: Its such a learning experience. Everyone's journey and opportunity is different, but just try your best to spend time with your youths.

H.P: What was the first thing you ever designed?
M.Y: Hmm, most likely some doll clothes from when I was very young! The piece I remember the most was a long pleated skirt :)

H.P: What is the inspiration behind your latest collection?
M.Y: This collection is still inspired by Rastafari and African minded leaders, like Marcus Garvey. The style has developed in a uniquely relaxed yet sensual way.
H.P: Describe the "Mamayashi Woman"
M.Y: The women that wear Mamayashi Collection are definitely smart people! She is aware of her culture and has a relaxed confidence. These people are more into timeless pieces that always look fresh and relevant. They like clothes that are comfortable yet make a statement and get many compliments.

H.P: Where can we find your pieces?
M.Y: We are online based at, you can shop directly from our website. You can also connect at For further inquiries, email

*Images are the property of Mamayashi*

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