5 Must Have Items for April

Spring is no longer around the corner ... It is Here! If you have not been paying attention to trends ( if you are into trends ) Now is the perfect time. Below are 5 must have items for April.

1. A flower headband. These were huge last year and could be seen on everyone ( literally ) from babies to news anchors to models to even moms. These are especially great since its festival season to add flair to your outfit. Be sure to choose colours to compliment your skin-tone.

2. An Everyday Bag: If you are as into handbags like myself, you probably have a few ( maybe more than a few) The thing about handbags is that while they are functional enough to hold all your essentials, there must be that one handbag that is able to go with every/any outfit. This bag is dubbed as the Everyday Bag. This is needed for this busy season when you are going from event to event and is looking to change outfits rather than bags each time.

3. Orange Lip Stick: This trend has been on- going on YouTube and kinda reminds me of those days I was younger and would see older ladies in Orange Lipsticks that came in that gold tube. This trend is not for the faint of heart as Orange is not the most subtle colour. To be a part of this trend I would recommend selecting the right one for your skin-tone. If not this can either make you look totally crazy or just really weird.

4. A Sun-dress: It is hottt ... Its always hot in Jamaica.  So a Sun-dress is needed. Midi Dresses are still popular for this season so you might want to cop a few of those.

5. A Pedicure: Yasss ladies get those feet in check. This is the time for flip-flops and Sandals so make sure your toes are in good condition. If you are not too keen on going to the Salon and spend hours, save a few extra bucks by doing it at home. Visit the University of Life a.k.a YouTube for great in depth "D-I-Y" Videos.

If there is something you think is a Must Have item , please comment below to let me know

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