UWI Guild Elections 2014

Hi Guys! If you are a past or current student at UWI , you know that Elections are a big deal! If you are not too keen on campus activities ... Elections usually take place around "Carnival Season" March/April.

Elections are taken very seriously, after all UWI is its own community with its own government.

Tips for Elections

1. Vote wisely: Do not vote for candidates based on popularity but rather what they can do for you in the long run.

2. Vote: This is so simple and easy , yet so many students opt out of it. If you choose not to vote at the Guild Elections you can always vote at the Hall Elections ( those are fun) As long as you are attached to a hall you can vote.

3. Listen to the Speeches: Back in my day (2011) These speeches were done in the Assembly Hall. This gives you a chance to know how each candidate does in front of a crowd. It also gives you a chance to put an actual face to a name.

4. Take it Easy: I've seen students get carried away with elections as if they are the Countrys' elections. There is no need for disputes , graffiti , rowdiness and so on .. just relax

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