Do it Month: Healthy Lifestyle

It is officially Week 2 of "Do it Month" and I must say I have not been on point with the posts :-( All that will be explained in due time :-) I don't believe in diets, I believe in Lifestyle changes. I've always found it weird to see people wanting to lose weight for a particular occasion .... then go crazy with exercise ... eat food they hate only to gain the weight back. Why not just make up your mind to change your Lifestyle and life a healthier life?

For this month (and on wards) I've decided to eat healthier and exercise more. If you are reading this and you know me ... you know that I'm a skinny girl .. I've been that way all my life. That does not mean I'm healthy. I still would like to exercise for a healthy heart and eat better for a longer life :-) This will be a challenge because I hate exercising and I like food that is not the best for me. I looove Chinese Food , Pizza , Burger , Pastas, Lasagna, Chilli ( you get the picture ) anything that makes me feel gooood. This is another thing I will be doing for this month. If you are on a similar journey please share your story

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