Do It Month : Driving the Distance

Continuing with "Do it Month" , I decided to do another thing that I consider major which is driving out of town( Kingston) all my myself. I drive a standard car .. thats means It has gears , a stick-shift and a clutch that I have to work all by myself ( I'm pretty bad @$$) *not really*  Driving a standard car over long distances involves a lot of work!

My experience

When I hit the highway I was super scared, the road was moving faster than I was ... I was thinking to stop in the road ( bad idea) and hope somebody would see me and magically drive my car all the way for me What a silly idea. I changed into a higher gear and drove like a boss.. sure I was scared but again .. It's something I've always wanted to do then I finally made up my mind to do it. Ladies , especially I know driving can be quite daunting as we tend to worry about other vehicles on the road and all the bad things that can go wrong. My advice ... Just make up your mind and do it!

This might be silly to some but inspirational to others. Is there something you really want to do? Use this month to just go ahead and do it .. stop living your life in regret and wonder.

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