Behind the Seams: Warrier Clothingline

Behind the Seams is back for 2014 with a fresh new local brand called Warriers Clothingline. This brand was discovered on Facebook and I actually saw the creative genius behind the Brand at Corporate Mingle in February. Haute People had the chance to chat with Courtney Waugh from the Brand.
H.P: Tell us about your brand?
C.WWarriers Brand is a unique, different cool style of clothing that has its own unique look and style that even a customer can customize their own way on how they want it on their shirt.

H.P: When was Warriers Clothingline started?
C.W: In 2001... I came up with the idea to start this clothing line and I knew it had to be different from the rest of clothing line that was out there at the time.                               
H.P: What inspired you to start this brand?
C.W: Two things:There is a bible verse from Revelation Chapter 4 to Chapter 7 that speaks about the 7 seals even most of our reggae artist sing about it also, the meaning for the 7 seals is completion so god sends his angel to earth to complete a mission with the 7 seals he gave them, and how the logo started there is a tile that is at one of the Warriers Brand members house that have a unique letter W on it so I grew it from the tile an when I went home the logo was completed the same week.                                 

H.P: We notice your spelling is Warrier with an "e" is there a story there?
C.W: Yes, I was working at the time and I was late for work and I had to get the logo officially Done by a Graphic Artist and when she asked me about the spelling she was going to charge me extra to change it so I told her no let it stay because I already spelt it that way when I drew the logo. Now, when you Goggle the name its the first thing you likely will see come up.    

H.P: Finish the sentence .. I cannot live without my......
C.W: My ability to stay focused, real friends, the Warriers Brand, God, knowing where i'm coming from.  
H.P: Where can we find your clothing?
C.W: At this present moment I don't have a store so all the orders that I receive is delivered  or wherever they feel comfortable meeting up with me, it a wonderful feeling to see that when a customer get their shirt or merino the look on their face when they see it is priceless! I even pat myself on the shoulder for a job well Done so I'll do it any day.

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