What NOT TO Give for Valentines Day Gifts

Hi Guys! Happy Monday to you. We are in the best month ever! My Birthday will be on the 13th sooo gifts are in order ...lol. I really enjoy doing these types of posts in reverse. Below are the things to NOT give as gifts on Valentines Day.

Sex: I know this might be a shocker on this Blog... but seriously! Why would anyone give that as a gift on Valentines Day? If you are in a relationship, that's a given. In my opinion ... that's a cheap shot and a way of saying "I'm too cheap to get you anything, so I'll just give you this". Don't get me wrong there are situations where that's applicable like in long distance relationships or for busy couples .. but I'm talking about regular couples who see each other on a regular basis.

Small Appliances: Again, this depends on the person. If you are a home-maker, these gifts are fine. But what young girl would want an electronic mixer on Valentines Day?! Not me! Being too practical is the quickest way to kill the romance. Maybe it is a way of telling your significant other its time to start cooking some meals .. but why not just tell them? Why pick Valentines Day to give a small appliance?

A Tie: Ladies don't do it! The last thing a guy would want on Valentines Day is a Tie. Ties can be found everywhere and not much thought goes into it. If your guy is a C.E.O and he wears a Tie everyday then maybe .. but be sure to give something else with that Tie.

An Over-Sized Stuffed Animal: I don't know about anybody else but a stuff animal reminds me of my childhood. That is the point of this gift why It's a bad idea... it could be for anybody, even a child. Where does one store this stuffed animal anyway? Quite often this gets stuffed somewhere all the unwanted things end up .. like on top of the closet, under the bed ... in the garbage.

Assorted Chocolates: This should have been number one based on my little impromptu survey. Not only do these taste bad .. but seriously? These to me are like the "National Valentines Day Gift", they are so cliche' and who wants Diabetes on Valentines Day?

Bonus: NOTHING! Guys! If you are not the lovey dovey type, the least you can do is give your lady something to make her feel special on that one day. That's like an entire year to save to get her something really nice ... after all she took your crap all throughout the last year.

Love should not ONLY be celebrated on Valentines Day but everyday. I implore you all to not get crazy on the 14th, ensure that you are "protected" in your adventures for that day :-)

What is the worst gift you ever got/given on Valentines Day?

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