This "Blogging Business"

Hi Guys! Happy Saturday. If you are an avid reader of my Blog, you would have realized that my posts have been sparse. I was addicted to Blogging which is why I blogged everyday in 2012-2013. Then in 2013 I started getting opportunities because of my Blog. This caused a shift of focus because I was now working on "Projects" with various companies local and international and it caused the entire tone of the Blog to change. It became more of a business and the voice became more serious. This year my goal is to get back to the good old ways of Haute People where the posts were more authentic and that people could relate to.

I thank all the people who had constructive criticisms ... I heard them and I'm doing what you asked because If it wasn't for you all reading ... I would not have these opportunities.

I will also try to focus on Jamaica as a whole for this year however this will be a challenge as I find that my people are not receptive of the whole "Blogging Business" and are really tight lipped with their information. The ones I do get to participate are the ones who have studied abroad or ones who have had the chance to do some travelling and see that there is life outside Jamaica. This might sound harsh to some but It's the truth. With that being said ..... Jamaica I need your participation to make Haute People the best Lifestyle Blog in Jamaica. I have sooo many new ideas and they will all be expressed here!

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