My Birthday Wishlist 2014

Hi Guys! My Birthday is on February 13th!! And yes I'm one of those "crazy birthday people" ... I can't help it I'm an Aquarian :-) I thought I'd share my wish list for this year with you guys.

Michael Kors Medium Jet Set Tote: I've liked Michael Kors ever since he made his appearance on Project Runway ...I'm not one of those girls who are just discovering his brand and has made a phenomenon out of his designs. I've been a fan since day one. With that being said .. I think this tote is a great everyday bag because It's big enough to through all my necessities in and it would make a great travel bag. I like that this camel color can be worn with everything.

A Nice Wallet: I've had my wallet for over 7 years!! Wow! saying that out loud (typing) makes it hard to believe. I got it in the last year of 6th form and I had no idea it was real leather and that it would last so long. The zipper where the coins go fell out a few years back and all the card spaces are filled. I would like one that can store coins and has a lot of slots for cards. Here is my wish WALLET.

A Silver Watch: I have 2 nice gold watches but I would like a Silver one. I find that Silver does nothing for me but I see where it would go with certain outfits instead of that gold one. I hate those flimsy girly looking watches and I prefer the Big Face Watches like THIS ONE

J'Adore Dior Perfume: Believe it or not .. I don't wear Perfume. But! I got like 3 samples of this perfume in my Christmas Magazines and It smells really fancy, fashionable and mature working single ladylike ... Long description but that's what I get from it. Besides, Charlize Theron sold the perfume in that commercial.

Phone: I am in need of a phone ... right now I'm rocking my faithful "Nokiberry" ( If you knew me in University you would know it ) Anyway , my BB went down sometime last year and I really did not think I should buy a "Rent Money" type phone because to me a phone is a phone. However! I see where its kinda necessary based on my job

These are the 4 major things on my Birthday Wishlist for this year


  1. LOL why didn't I think of this? anywho, Hope all on your list is granted. :)

  2. Lol ... I really hope so too ... A girl can dream


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