Honoring Black History Month

February has always been an exciting time for me: 1. I was born on the 13th 2. Black History Month is in February 3. Reggae Month is in February. For this year I thought I would use this Blog as a Platform to shed some light on some of the not so talked about Black People in the "Lifestyle" field.

Madame C.J Walker 

Born Sarah Breedlove McWilliams Walker was a pioneer in revolutionizing the Hair and Cosmetics Industry for Black women. Madame Walker as she was affectionately called did not come from wealth. By the age of 14 she was married and had her only daughter in 1885. Just 2 years later her husband died and she had to move to St. Louis to join her four brothers who had established themselves as Barbers in the area. Madame Walker worked as a laundrywoman and managed to save enough money to get her daughter through school so she could be educated.

During the 1890's Walker began to suffer from a scalp disease which caused her to lose her hair. She then went in her kitchen and started experimenting with various home remedies formulated by entrepreneur Annie Malone with hopes that something would work so she could be free from embarrassment due to the state of her hair. In 1905 Madame Walker started working as a Sales Agent for Annie Malone where she learned about various formulas and marketing strategies until she went into business on her own. By then Madame Walker was now married and began selling her own formula called "Madame Walkers Wonderful Hair Grower" which was a scalp conditioning and healing formula.Some of her Marketing strategies involved: Sales Drives, Door to Door Selling and doing product demonstrations. Madame Walker went on to open a college in Pittsburg where she was able to train other hair enthusiasts. Eventually the business grew and she was able to employ over 3,000 employees. Walker went on to have her own line of cosmetics called "The Walker System" which focused on enhancing the beauty of Black skin. It was with hard work , relentless determination and an aggressive marketing strategy which lead Madame Walker to be the first self made Black Millionaire.

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