How NOT to be a Gulity Purchaser

Hi Guys! Happy Monday :-) I really love doing these  "how not to" posts. They are a fun way of adding humor to real life issues. Have you ever bought something and felt really guilty? I meant the kind of guilt that feels like its eating you up on the inside? Today, you no longer have to feel that way.

Guilty Purchaser - "One who is overtaken by guilt of a purchase/s which can lead to shoppers remorse"

Don't Spend your own money: Think about it ladies, the guilt you are probably feeling after making a particular purchase is because you know that money was for something else. Maybe it was to pay off a debt , pay your tuition or pay something for your child. If you use somebody else's money ... you won't feel any form of guilt at all.

Shop Alone: If you are strap for cash and decide to give your self a little treat and by little I mean something really small like a pair of earrings ... be sure to go shopping by YOURSELF!! Friends will ruin you ... they will become enablers and will convince you to buy things you know you can't afford.

Wait for a Sale: On a more serious note .. wait for a Sale. Makes sense doesn't it? Sales are a great time to go crazy and get all the things you want. Sales for us here in Jamaica is relative. What the retailers will do is raise the price by 10% before the actual sale, then claim to take off that same percent and to the amateur shopper you think you saved money :-) You can always shop Online and get all the things you need ... CHEAP! Sign up with a courier company like Mailpac Express, they will take good care of you.

Set A Budget: Ladies, we always hear budget and immediately get sad as it limits us. Setting a budget will allow you to get what you need and still have money in your name :-) What I like to do is set the budget a little higher so that I can have a little left over to get something else. Let's say a handbag costs $10,000 you would set the budget at $12,000 - $15,000.

I hope these tips will help at least ONE person
It's 2014 ladies, its time to set goals and spend money smart

If you are a guilty purchaser .. share your story below

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  1. i love reading this! and just now ive purchased something haha some great tips

  2. Totally agree on the last three. About spending others' money, that's quite a new but tricky perspective. You won't be guilty on purchasing using others money as long as the owner of the money lets you:-)

  3. No matter how it's fun to spend time together with girl friends, it's always best to shop alone so that you won't be pressured and also examine your needs vs wants.

  4. I guess the simpler rule is to shop only for things you can afford and don't be driven by impulse.

  5. I am defiantly a guilty purchaser. I love to shop I just can't help it. This post is very helpful thought. I will keep it in mind when I want to go shopping. I also love that movie that you have a picture of.

  6. I was a shopaholic back then. It was difficult to identify my needs from wants. Now I am able to curb my spendings by not using any creditcard and not bringing in extra cash unless it is a mallwide sale to shop for my needs.

  7. Should have used this tips before :/ yes guilty shopper here!

  8. As per you said never went crazy for sale as they doesn't reduce the cost of products,very nice and helpful tips for shopping.

  9. These are some great tips! I feel more guilty spending others' money as gifts though - I guess it depends how I spend it! :)


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