Best Grooming Products For Men

Hi Guys! Happy Friday. Today I wanted to do something different  and do a post for the men! Men read this Blog too and I've always wanted to do something for them. Today It's all about grooming products for men because like us females they want to look and smell good too :-)

Gillete Mach 3: Gillete has been around for years or as we say in Jamaica "Donkey Years" which simply mean a looong time. Gillete to men is like Oil of Olay for women. This has been deemed as one of the best razors there is because of the 4 blades. It gives a close shave without stripping the skin of it's natural moisture and can be found anywhere ( almost ). The price point on this is high ... but based on what most guys say It's extremely worth it.

Nivea for men post Shave Balm: Of course an After Shave Product would be next on this list .. this is a Balm as opposed to a Gel or Foam Product. This product soothes , calms , softens and moisturizes. The best part is that it's not messy and does not have that weird obvious "After Shave Small" .

Carmex Mint Lip Balm: Guys! Don't worry lip balms don't have colour so you are good and they are also not only for women! Lip Balm is used as a sunblock because lips are thin and sensitive and they are the most exposed part of your body to the Sun. Lip Balm is also used to heal dry cracked lips, as a moisturizer and it even freshens your breath. Tip: Stay away from anything that says tinted lip balm as this has colour .. unless you don't mind wearing a little colour.

Axe Line of Products: I'm sure we've all seen the commercials .. Axe makes women go crazy
( literally ) It smells really great plus its affordable. If you are in your Teens and looking to impress the ladies and on a tight budget Axe is your best bet.

Head and Shoulder ( Men ): Guys always love grooming their hair. Its either a clean shave, s-curls, cornrows whatever it is .. Men are always doing something with their hair. Sometimes all those products and genetics can cause men to have dandruff ( no shame if you do ) Head and Shoulders is great for Dandruff. They now have a line specifically for men so you can try that out.

Old Spice Deodorant: Back in the day this was targeted for more mature men. However today, they've added new scents and Terry Crews so younger guys have gravitated to this brand. The scents are musky but fresh and modern.

These are a few of the popular grooming products men use as indicate in a quick Survey on Facebook.

Guys! What Products do you use for Grooming? Please Comment below

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