A Brand New Me?

Hi Guys! The posts have been so sporadic since I've started on this "Blogging Journey". This is one of those expressive posts as I find the element of ME is missing from this Blog. I hope to change that really soon ... sooo many things happened from November until now, let's just say I'm wishing for a 25 hour day. There was something I really wanted to accomplish before the end of the year to prove to myself and the world that even though things might be tough as long as you are ambitious, driven and dedicated amazing things can happen. I've set so many goals and i plan to accomplish them all. Personal , Work , Blog , Relationship etc .  I'm proud to say I've accomplished one of my goals so far. I noticed a situation in my life that has been going on for years and I decided for this year it has to stop. I did what i needed to do and it started a war. Thing is .. I won't be fighting back physically. "Ain't nobody got time for that" . There is much more to life than fighting people who are not important in your life ... as long as you say what needs to be said ... thats enough for me. In my adult life I've realized that Life goes on and that has been my mantra to get me through any difficult situation.

 If you are having a bad day or you feel people are constantly , purposely making your life difficult ... the world will not just stop for you .. Life will in fact go on. For this year .. I will accomplish some MORE goals and I will be ready for whatever life throws at me. After all who would want to be in the same position for 3 or more years? Not this Haute Girl . I hope you will all be ready to fight for what you believe in without physically fighting ... I hope you will all go after your dreams and truly live life this year.  Ignore the haters ... all they can do is hate. Do you and remember if you feel nobody else wants you here .. Jesus does .. you are still alive :-)

This Video might mean something different to each person ... I hope you will be inspired and realize that the time is now to do what you need to do.

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