2013 Year In Review

I thought It would be fun to do a little review of 2013 just to see where I'm at in life and whether or not something can be improved.

100,000 Page Views: This might sound silly to some especially those of my fellow Jamaicans who have no idea what a Blog is or think its something that's for "farin people" . However, when I started this Blog I never expected ONE person to read it and it's amazing to know that 100,000 people have viewed it.

Driving A Standard Car: I remember looking at the car outside my window and felt so much hate toward that metallic inanimate object. Why was it just parked there looking at me? How would I remember all those gears and when to sink the clutch and all the stuff or drive in traffic or on the road without stalling. One day I finally decided to take that car on the road because of immense hunger and to my surprise all those fears were in my mind. I drove all the way without stalling and most importantly .. i made it back alive.

Blogging Project/s: My ultimate goal from Blogging is to be one of those superstar bloggers ( without the fame part ) who is synonymous with Blogging and is able to live off my Blog. I remember when i was asked to be the official Blogger for the Miss UWI Pageant I was beyond excited. I was now able to reach to that community of young brilliant minds that i was once apart of. This was the year I also added Copy-writing to my Roster . I had no idea I would get to write for legit companies in another country and would actually be paid.

Open My Heart: Sounds weird or cliche' but I've been through a lot in my life and one would say I've lived a full 20 something life. I don't trust people easily and for me to meet a guy and actually invite him over and get him involved in certain aspects of my life is something I never saw myself doing for a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time :-) Can't say I'm head over heels but It's a work in progress.

Fashion Event: I love this field and how fast paced it is. I was extremely blessed to be able to not only plan but execute an event for myself on a shoestring budget. Well it was a sponsored event :-) But! Those people actually believe in me so much that they invested their money , time and products in my little event. This is something that truly made my year.

Appearance on Popular Jamaican Brand: I made my first appearance on the Azan's Home YouTube video as a Jamaican guest Blogger! I was actually the first and only one too :-) I've always had mad respect for the Azans and the way they are able to take risks and think of business ideas that we all benefit from so for me to be a guest on their show , using their products was auh mazing.

There were so many other amazing things that happened in that short space of 12 months and also some not so good ones. The amazing ones however trumped those bad ones.  These are however the ones that stood out the most last year. I thank you all so much for your support wherever you are in the world and ask for your continued support for this year and after.

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