What to Wear To Meet The Parents : The Christmas Edition

Hi Guys! It's just one more week until Christmas ! I'm excited yet kinda disappointed. I feel like as people we spend a year preparing for one day that goes by really quickly. Today's topic is kind of a touchy one. Congrats to all the couples who have made it to this point ... meeting the parents. Here are a few tips on what to wear on that special day.


The most important thing is to make sure you are properly groomed. Please ensure that you went to the Barber before hand and get yourself a hair cut, line up and a proper, proper shave. Not one of those butchered looks that leaves your face in stubbles and band- aids. Stay away from tight "You're a Jerk" Video looking pants.

 There are nothing wrong with wearing fitted pants that is the right fit for your body ( now ) not a 12 year old you. If you are wearing Jeans, make sure the colours are subtle. And please, buy a belt! There should be no swagging or hanging of your pants on that day! It is important to show the girls father that his daughter is with a decent, responsible man. As it relates to accessories or in guy terms "bling" keep those at a minimum. If you wear earrings, get a pair of small knobs, keep anything that says your name at home. Also ensure your shoes are clean. They can tell a lot about you just by your shoes.


Ladies, I'm sure that we all have an image of what we would like to wear when we first met his parents. For me It's that scene from Monster in Law, where charlie is wearing a beautiful Pink Dress that's not too tight or modest .. its just perfect.

 You can go for that route or wear something that looks nice that you are comfortable in. Try to stay away from elaborate hairstyles, those can be for the club ( later on). Make sure your hair is neatly combed whether weave or natural. Stay away from 5 inch heels at this time. I know there are ladies out there who are great at maneuvering heels this height, but this can leave a bad impression on the mother. She's a woman just like you are she thinks things .. just like you. For accessories, keep them at a minimum. Stay away from noisy pieces like bangles or huge earrings and anything that contains derogatory statements like "B**tch*

We all have different personalities and styles and of course different parents. The few tips I've given in this post can serve as a guideline, but is not limited to the things I've named.

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