What NOT to Wear to the Airport

Hi Guys! I trust you are all in high spirits ... there is so much emphasis placed on Christmas but remember its only 1 day. Today, we'll be looking at things to never wear to the airport. The Christmas Season is what they call "Peak Season" in the Travel Industry, therefore Airport is FULL. People are going to extremes to dress up for their flights. However! Less is more. Here are things you should not wear to the airport.

Too Much Accessories: Ladies and Gentleman, there is no need to wear every accessory in your collection. Security measures change quite often and you will have to take them off at each check point and please also think about the people behind you each time you go through the metal detector and there is a "beep" or you have to take them off one by one.

A Belt: Again, this will set off the metal detector and will have the people behind you totally peeved! Think about all the times you will have to take it off and put it back on. If you must wear a belt, wear one that is plastic or made of fabric. Spikes are all the rage this season but stay away from Belts with excessive hardware.

Flip Flops: This kinda depends on how far you have to travel and also how committed you are to walking with an extra pair of socks. Think of all the germs on the airport floor and how many people pass through on a daily basis. Ewww

An Underwire Bra: Ladies, this one is for you. I know sometimes we might want to feel extra sexy and need that extra push underneath but the wire will set off the metal detector and you will be there wondering why you keep setting things off and you will be sent to the back room for further security checks.

Layers of Clothing: Yes its Christmas and "farin" is cold. However if you pack on the clothing .. again you will have remove "all a dem". Also stay away from clothing with metal or padding of any form. These will be a huge hazard.

Remember to carry travel size items of your favorite products in your carry on or handbag. Other wise you will have to discard of them or have them checked.

Check out this funny video from YouTube Sensation Jenna Marbles on Airport Etiquette

Happy Holidays and Safe Travels

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