The Worst Christmas Gifts Ever!

Hi Guys! Last year I did a Gift Guide for the Fashionable Girl. Read it HERE, where I basically gave guys an idea of the gifts you should by for the Fashionable lady in your Life. This year it is the total opposite. I'm gonna talk about some of the worst gifts you could possible give to someone.

A Donation in your name: Yes Christmas is known as the Season of Giving and its always great to help out a person in need (once you have good intentions) I don't know about anybody else, but this "gift" feels like a slap in this face that says "hey , I'm not gonna give you cash in hand because you are never getting my money". I'm all for the idea of it , but that gift can be given some other time.

Socks: There are people out there still giving socks! unno stop it! Its completely ok if you live in a cold climate but what about people like me who live in Jamaica? What am I suppose to do with socks? I can understand if I was still going to school because back then you can never have too much socks. But! I don't need it now.

Oversized Photos ... of other people: Why would anybody want a large photo of somebody else to hang in their house? Why do you have a large photo of yourself anyway. I'm talking about photos the size of Agnus in "Matilda" (90's people know this movie) Everybody loves photos, but if you feel the need to give somebody a photo of yourself consider a 5"7".

Gift for Pets (and not the owner): I love animals and I have no problem with them. Why would you give my Dog a gift and not me :-(  lol seriously though

Fruitcake: I personally don't like fruitcake but I've heard people say its delightful. However, I don't think something like that travels well, let's say a person got a Fruitcake and has to take 3 buses home ... how would that work on the bus? Do you put in your bag or ask a person who is sitting to hold it for you?

Obvious Knockoff Pieces:There is nothing wrong with wanting a nice quality designer piece after a year of bills and expenses.Whats not nice is getting something you thought was designer to have it fall apart days later or have somebody point out its fake. Guys especially, if you are going to get us something nice make sure its the real deal.

I'm a firm believer in "Its the Thought that counts" however that also means you should think about the gift you plan to give a person. I'm really happy with just getting something ... but please make sure you take what i like into consideration.

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What is the worst Christmas gifts you've ever received?

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