How to Dress (Appropriately) for a Christmas Work Party

Hi Guys! Happy Monday .. top of the morning to you! Its December and its the month of Office Parties. Gone are the days when people would wear their work clothes to the Office Party. People have "turnt up" the Office Party Dress Code. However, there are things that are still inappropriate.

Things to Never Wear

Excess Cleavage: Not because its the end of the year it means you and all your parts are to break free. If you decide to wear something low-cut , make sure its well above your navel or wear a cover up.
Too Short / Too Tight Clothing: Leave this for the club! Maybe you have plans to hit the club after the event, why not skip the Office Party and go straight to the club?

See Through Garments: Highly inappropriate. Sheer has been popular this year but it can be subtle.

Heavy Make-Up: There is nothing wrong with wearing a full face of Make-up but its how you apply it. If you are not sure, go to YouTube or ask a friend who knows how to apply Make-Up to do it for you.

Things to Wear

DO wear clothing that will flatter your shape. Work clothes can hide all that. To the single ladies , maybe you've had your eye on a guy all year. Now is the time to stop him in his tracks by wearing a dress that fits you without looking like a hoochie.

DO wear sensible shoes. Stay away from those "Lady Gaga" type heels. Make sure you can walk firmly without tipping over.

DO make sure your hair is freshly done.Too many times I've seen ladies well dressed and the hair is a mess. This is your one shot to relax and forget about papers on your desk. Make the extra effort to ensure your hair is right.

This is not a fashion related tip but if there are alcoholic beverages, try to limit yourself. There is no need to get so drunk that you are not standing in an upright position. Also, like with any party there will be music, dancing is always fun and a great way to relieve stress. But leave the "Bump & Grind" to R.Kelly

I really hope these tips help at least ONE person. I know by now in Jamaica most of the hype Christmas parties have passed  but for all the others. Have fun ..

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