Dreams , Goals and of Course Resolutions

Hi Guys! 2014 is just days away to many of us that means absolutely nothing ... to others like myself it means I get one more year to accomplish new goals. At this time of the year it is not uncommon for people to make resolutions of things they hope to do in the New Year ... Others set goals both realistic and unrealistic.

Times are hard and some people got so depressed last year that they feel like there is no hope for the new year. My thoughts and words of encouragement to people who feel this way "Once there is life, there is hope" ... It sounds corny but i want you to really think about this. For some miraculous reason you are still alive which means there is something you can do. Instead of thinking the worst think positive. Sure that's easier said than done because there are some of us who have truly lived a full life and had bad experiences which leads us to think this is it ... "I will always have a bad life". For 2014 I challenge you .... make a list of the things you truly want to accomplish for that year that means something to you ... not your parents , significant other or boss or whoever ... you! It can be something materialistic like getting quality weave or getting a Michael Kors Watch or something more substantial like going to University, get a better Car or House. I want you to set that goal and really work towards it. The road to accomplishing your goals will be hard and you will want to give up but push! Let 2014 be the year you become a better Y-O-U!

Thank you all so much for the support throughout the year on this Blog and like I've been doing since i started this Blog, I will thank you all individually in a special post with your name:-)

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