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 Happy Monday to you all ... Haute Girls all around, today its all about hair. During Biblical times, a woman's hair or hair in general was seen as a woman's greatest asset, it was seen as her crown and beauty. Here in Jamaica the hair industry has skyrocketed to becoming a Million Dollar Industry. This means as women we are heavily invested in hair. Times are hard but as women we still want our hair to look good. Here are budget saving tips for keeping your hair "haute" in these times.

Do it Yourself: Whether you have natural or processed hair, weave wearer or non weaver there are brands that have several at home kits that doesn't require you to be a professional in that field. Brands like Softsheen Carson have various lines that are great if you are looking to "D-I-Y".

Optimum Salon Haircare Home Kit 
Kits like the one shown above is very easy to follow, it comes with instructions and some even come with numbers. If all else fails, visit the free University a.k.a YouTube.

Bargain with your Stylist: If you have a really great hairstylist that you visit often and trust, why not ask her for a discount?  Or bring your own products? I like to bring my own products to the Salon ( yes I'm cheap ) but that's a few extra bucks saved. I bring Shampoo, Conditioner, Treatment anything I have at home that she uses i bring! This way you are only paying for her time and style rather than everything.

Invest in Quality Tools/Accessories: Ladies natural or processed , you are gonna need certain tools and accessories to maintain and lengthen your style at home. Buy a quality Flat Iron, preferably one that you can adjust the settings based on your type of hair and simple things like hair-scarfs. Most hairdressers will tell you that you that all you need to do is wrap and tie your hair.

Outre tie on top hair Bonnet (Left) Goody Mosaic Head Scarf (Right)
Find A Friend: There is always that one friend who does hair at home and will be more than happy to do your hair for free or at a discounted price just because they love doing hair. Please note unless your friend is an actual Hairdresser, they will not have all the products at their disposal so the onus is on you to find the products. Another great idea is to find a friend/ family member enrolled in a Cosmetology Program and volunteer yourself to be their test subject. This is a win-win situation . You get a free hairstyle and they get extra practice.

These are all the tips for today. If you have any way you save money on hair, please share them in the comment section below. If you find the comments section too annoying with the verification code, e-mail your comments to and we'll feature your comments on the Facebook Page.

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