The Haute Girl on a Budget : Grocery Shopping

Hi Guys! As you can tell by the heading above I've launched a new series for the month of November called "The Haute Girl on a Budget" . This feature will be every Monday and feature tips and tricks on how to save money while still looking haute . Let's face it ... times are hard but as women we still want to look good . My biggest advice to you all is "Live within your means". I find that when you've reached a certain stage in life it's all about YOU and the choices YOU make . If you don't live a privileged life .. don't pretend you do then up with in debt! With that long intro and overbearing advice .. let's jump into it shall we :-)

Do Not overspend: The whole point of setting a budget in the first place is to ONLY spend a certain amount of money at a given time. Some of us (my self included) might set a budget then see something that catches the eye (that we don't need ) and rush to add that thing to our grocery carts (trolley). If you find yourself falling into this trap, make a list and purchase items on the list. That list will serve as a guide to all the things you need.

Buy in Bulk: A few years ago , Bulk Buying was not popular and even seen as a waste of money as it involves buying multiple items in one go. However! Due to these horrible times, several supermarkets across the island has added a wholesale section to their business. Supermarket giants Megamart and Pricemart are two very popular ones that cater to the needs of their clients in this area. If you are a single person/ couple .... why not team up with some of your good friends and split the bill and buy in bulk? After all ... one can only have so much tissue. You will be saving a ton of money and also have items that will last you a long time.

Make Use of Sales/Programs: Here in Jamaica, there are various programs like Magna Rewards. This is a loyalty programme that offers its members an opportunity to save money by earning points which can be redeemed for goods and services. Sure sometimes your Magna check might only be a few thousand dollars, but think about all the things you can buy with that money during a "hard month". I know that supermarkets like Megamart are always having some type of sale on items that are not popular sellers or new items they are trying to push. It is important to check the expiry date on these items as you might miss this due to the cheapness and end up with a product with a short shelf life.

Limit your Shopping Trips: Ladies! this is geared towards you! Pick a time to buy grocery and only go that time! For me its every 2 weeks, for others it might be one a month or even once a week. While you might set a budget and think you are doing well ... think about things like gas! I don't know about anybody else but my car does not run on water. If you go to the Supermarket every single day, that's all gonna add up!

I hope these tips helped at least ONE Haute Girl

* I'm thankful I'm able to use my 24 hours wisely to do things that are beneficial to bettering myself *

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