Hair Primer : Extend Your Hairstyle Between Salon Visits

I've noticed these last few months women have been taking better care of their hair. This is due to the wealth of information that is provided on YouTube and on the Blogs. Women who are into natural hair are aware of all the natural products and essential oils to use at home instead of going to the salon and women who wear weaves are investing in quality weaves. As a "Haute Girl On A Budget" my greatest challenge/goal is finding products to stretch my hair time between salon visits.I don't know about anybody else but going to the Salon every two weeks does not fit into my budget (anymore) While reading through my favorite magazine "Elle" I discovered a Hair Primer. I know that for Make-up application primer is used to sort of set the foundation and smooth out any unevenness on the face and also makes your make-up look flawless.

The purpose of the Hair Primer is to smooth hair follicles , heat protect and tame frizz.  When your hair is "layed", there is no need to add excessive products that makes your hair dirty which causes build up that will result in you being in your hair all the time. The Hair Primer will lock in your hairstyle for a few days so that you will only need a few touch ups like a quick brush-up or a quick spritz of hairspray.  I'm not telling anybody that this is a must have or an essential item to have as these Hair Primers are pretty expensive... However! they are great to have if you are looking for a way to stretch your hairstyles.

Below are some brands I've found online that you can try 

Living Proof Prime Style Extender™ 5 oz

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