Artistes on the Rise : Yuriverse a.k.a Ginegog

This is another exciting feature for the month of November , where we will feature Young , Fresh Jamaican artistes or artistes from the Jamaican Diaspora. Haute People is a lot more than Fashion and Beauty, we are a Lifestyle Brand. Music is a major part of our Jamaican Culture. This week we have in "studio". Yuriverse a.k.a Ginegog , Executive Director of Head Corner Stone Music. Yuri is a past student at the University of the West Indies where he holds a B.A in Communications and is currently pursuing his Masters in Tourism & Hospitality Management.

Yuri was recently featured on CVM AT SUNRISE where he speaks about his career and love for music.

H.P: What are 3 words people use to describe you?
Y.S : Unique , Persistent, Spiritual

H.P: How did your love for music come about?
Y.S: Music is one love …a divine union of soul and purpose…me love music and appreciate it and music love and appreciate me…. Music has always given me an expression of and for life. When I look back I can see that Music is not what I do but who I am,  my spirit really; you can’t see it but you can feel it, I am that, I am. Even from I was very young my playing was playing music by beating on pans, desk etc and singing songs and writing lyrics, it is my joy. I grew up playing and chanting dub poetry to deejaying, then to sinjaying always finding another way of expressing myself musically in getting a positive message out. At a tender age in the 80’s my brothers who were sound system selectors took me to parties and gave me the microphone and people would look in awe at the words, sounds, and  power that I expressed and to me there is no other way to be.

H.P: Tell us about the concept of your first music video?
Y.S: The concept of my first music video was an inspiration from the most high. It is for the song called “I love you” I wrote that song in 3 mins and recorded it in 7mins the riddim spoke to me and I spoke back and it was just like pure spring water flowing from the stream after that. The concept of the video is more metaphorical than what most people see. When people watch the video they talk about a love story but what they don’t see where the love come from and what is keeping it together. So instead of telling you what you see I will tell you what some might not have seen…and that is through the expression of his soul a young man writes a Love song about a vision he sees of his soulmate. He sends out the energies in song to the universe the universe response through the laws of attraction and nature and brings him and his soulmate together which appears accidentally. Even though their energies connect their flesh and socialization interrupts their union. Eventually nature and destiny takes over and makes their appreciation for each other  stronger and stronger and they become one but even after that, they are  challenged by their  individually vices either be it by jealousy in the case of the female and fleshly desires in the case of the male. However these challenges which are seemingly vices to pull them apart help them to overcome and become stronger together as they grow and looking forward. Basically my concepts are based on my inspiration and my inspiration is my life. And my life is based in nature’s simplicity but complexity.

H.P: How do you stay inspired to do music when its described as a"saturated" Industry?
Y.S: Music is bigger than an industry and music cannot be saturate or contained. It is like air!  Just as there cannot be too much air there cannot be too much music. Expression is expression. The term industry is what people use to show that music is being controlled or because they want to control music. This is a false idea used by the greedy to keep out the strong and abuse the weak. The idea of saturation can be compared to the idea that the earth is over populated which is ridiculous because there are a lot of empty spaces on earth where there are no people are living just as there is room for growth of more genres and style of music. 

H.P: What is your "Dream Job"?
Y.S: I don’t dream - dream is what people do when they sleep or wish to become something they are not. I am myself and wish only to be myself in my full capacity spiritually and materially balanced. However I vision… so I envision myself forever contributing to the positive growth of all people of the world in love through the most powerful art form: word, sound, and power. Being a scholar, actor, writer, poet, director and entrepreneur I also envision using these talents to create, grow and empower not just myself but all people who embrace goodness. 

H.P: What can fans/supporters expect from you in coming months?
Y.S: My friends, family, and supporters who are my extended family as I call them can expect only better, positive music with a revolutionary sounds and an even a stronger movement forward. Yuriverse aka Ginegog and Head Cornerstone Movement has been growing fast which is giving more power to the music but I am not surprise because a jah works. For this month coming up we are working on a couple projects: we are promoting the New single “ BUN BABYLON” which caught the public’s attention when Yuriverse aka Ginegog performed on CVM at Sunrise last week and did an interview highlighting that Head Cornerstone Movement is a force to be reckoned with, we will be releasing new music, new music videos as we have finished shooting the music video for Yuriverse aka Ginegog single called “Here I am” which has gotten a lot of positive feedback and will be out by Month end, we are currently taking and confirming bookings, appearances and interviews we are interested in working with people who share a vision of bring positive music and are focus on a mission to “edutain” our  people.  

H.P: Where can we find your Music?
Y.S: Friends Family fans/ Supporters can follow Yuriverse aka Ginegog’s movement and music online --à
Twitter @yuriverse
Instagram  @1yuriverse
For Bookings Contact management à
BBM à 7963A550 

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