Youtubers I'm loving!

Hi Guys! I know after a while that must get annoying As a Blogger , there are various things that inspire me , one of these is YouTube. There are a few channels that i subscribe to because i like them for Entertainment value or the actually person seems similar to me.


I started watching April and her Husband Justin a few months ago and they are sooo inspiring. April always seems sooo positive and loving towards her friends, husband and cats .Plus i like her cooking videos. Check her out if you get bored of the Beauty Vids , its a breath of fresh air!


I was introduced to Judy back when i was Blogging for the "Miss Uwi Pageant" earlier this year by two girls on the team . I was like "why would i watch this" But it was one of those "pleasantly surprised" things. Judy is a Beauty Guru turned Mommy to her 1 year old daughter "Julianna" and her Husband Benji . It a fun Vlog

Missy Lynn

I saw a random eyebrow tutorial that showed how to get a natural looking brow (not one that had your brows looking like you got sponsored by Nike ) then i saw Missy Lynn's name on it . What inspires me about Missy is her work ethic . I think shes in the Army or Marines and she manages to balance her YouTube Career and her job there . She also won the Nyx Face Awards 2013

These are my top 3 Favorite channels that i have to watch right away when they release new videos. I know most of you are probably wondering "why are you putting this post up". My answer is simple ... It is inspiring that these people have used the power of the Internet to build lucrative careers for themselves and that is what i aspire to do . Sure i live in a 3rd world country , but one has to have dreams and goals right? What inspires you? Please share in the comments section.

They belong to those named in this post.


  1. What I'm not on the list lol yes girl you have to dream and chase your dreams and catch your dreams. Very good post :)

  2. Lol .. yes .. I'm chasing those dreams .. I'm glad you like it ...P.S i do watch your YouTube Vids


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