Grunge Fashion Trend 2013

Hi Guys! Happy Monday! Today i bring to you a rather interesting trend that you will either love or hate. According to Voguepedia:
"Grunge is nothing more than the way we dress when we have no money" - Jean Paul Gaultier 1993.

90's Kids Wearing "Grunge Fashion"
Grunge Style is therefore a raw, messy, edgy way of combining various pieces of clothing that would not usually work together. Grunge Fashion emerged in the mid 90's out of Seattle Washington when a new sound of music "Grunge Music" came about. This new sound featured elements of " Punkrock, Heavy Metal and Indie Music. Grunge is back for this festive season. Below are some ideas how to put pieces together to create a "Grunge" look.

Flannel/ Button Down Shirts

Rihanna wears "Grunge" streetwear
Rihanna is the queen of the grunge look. As i said it's one of those trends that you either love or hate. If you plan on going hard on this trend , you need flannel ( plaid ) and a button down shirt somewhere in your look. The button down shirt can be tied around the waist or worn as a top with gaudy accessories. If you are as daring as Rihanna , put your button down shirt inside a pair of shorts so that they hang at the knee.

Ripped Jeans

Runway Models wearing ripped jeans on the Runway

Think Kanye on Kimmel ( trusting you watched that interview) Remember this is an edgy , effortless look . You should look like you found some jeans somewhere in your house and ripped them yourself. Ladies , be careful about the size and placement of the rips , even though its suppose to be raw , it can look tacky/cheap if too much skin is exposed.

Cool T-Shirt

This trend became popular in the 90's when going to rock concerts was considered cool. Teens would rep their favorite bands by wearing "Band T-Shirts". It doesn't have to be a band shirt , just a comfortable T-shirt you feel confident in.


Jeffrey Campbell Shoes

Designer Jeffrey Campbell introduced "statement shoes" earlier this year. These shoes came with a chunky/ platform or wedges. There were even some that can be considered as a weapon as they had spikes! These shoes and many inspired by them made their way into fall. You can also include combat boots if you desire.

There are many variations of the Grunge Trend because we are all different and have different personalities.Whatever trend you subscribe to at any given time, be sure to wear it with confidence and make sure it suites you.

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